my table is so mes”sze” = messy lolx…

preparing for my last and toughest paper…

what is my counterpain doing on my paper? (due to too much of reading, my brain cant seems to work so well)

why is my counterpain on my table?

because my wrist is so pain…my left wrist and im not left-handed…hmm?

Cookiesssss…because im hungry…

back to work!


Mushroom soup

Fettucini Con Funghi…mushroom carbonara hehe cheesy!

wah! this is the best dessert! “Concorde”, very sweet though. love it!

The pink and the green ones are Macaroon, some biscuit. i don’t think it’s nice though hehe

cut my hair shorter this time..

Now, you can enjoy good food at lower price, as they are having promotion. 50% off on all food!! realised it when the bill came. the waitress said the promotion will be until next year…good! The deserts are cheap! Original price around RM9 i think, now RM4.90 only! and it’s really good!!!!!!!!

Went and check out the queue for the Sony Cybershot launch. Thanks boss! lolx. There were 100 ppl queuing d that time when we passed by, around 5 something. So we went for dinner.

The hoppers!

First stall,

Satay @ “Chu cha coffee shop”

no pictures but the satay was very bad……….I think is the first coffee shop when turned into jln alor, with 3 shops together.

Second stall,

Ah Noy Thai Food.

wide variety of food.

yin’s tom yam…nice!

guess who’s fried rice?

Fried La La

Squid…very spicy…

Third stall,

chicken Wings @ WAW

looks good…but

Bad Bad Bad!

It was fun though for eating so many food. hehe.


Remember the pink bike?

Finally i tried the BBQ chicken.

It was 4.30pm, i was hungry, and so i went and ta pau food and BBQ chicken comes in my mind.

So, here is my…guilt-free chicken!

Korea’s No1 Chicken Restaurant

It’s not BBQ, it’s Best of the Best Quality!

100% Olive oil

My olive luxury chicken.

The olive chicken set comes with coleslaw and chips. The chicken was so crispy!! though it may not look good here hehe but it tastes SWEET! marinated with BBQ’s unique recipe and 30 natural seasonings. different from the original KFC lolx

why is it guilt free? coz…i should not eat fried food but BBQ chicken uses olive oil merrrrr hehhe

Overall okay la…next time will try their BBQ chicken hehe

The menu can be found here, there are delivery service too!

So the rice family celebrated sucha memorable day with him.

Little rice and Sleepy rice and Big rice went Hartamas quite early, and shopped.

The initial plan was to wait till other rices to reached first then only us 3 rices go.

Sleepy rice and Little rice tried so hard to drag the time…

and finally, the other rices reached!

There are Rice stealer and Female rice, and Small rice and Tall rice came late.

Pork shoulder….slurps!

Rices’ pancake.

Rice stealer’s dunno what.

Little rice and Female rice’s Kim Chi Noodle?

Sleepy rice’s Glass Noodle…nice but couldn’t finish it!

Rices’ hot pot.

Baby rice! this is the korean pancake!

We ate more than that, BBQ chicken, spicy and non-spicy, others had the BBQ beef.

Seldom eat korean food, so can’t comment much hehe but i like the pork shoulder!

and i forgot all the dishes name! hehehe

3 rices with 1 cheese cake!

Happie birthday, Big Rice!

While i was walking to library, i noticed something…

When u wear sneakers, people behind could see the base of the shoe,

When u wear flip-flops, people behind couldn’t see the base.

Then i was thinking, why will that happened…

Only i realised, when u wear sneakers, the sneakers wrap your feet and follows the feet, so can see the base lor!

lolx. random-nya~


My favorite childhood candy is now banned!

White rabbit candy

I bet its everyone’s favorite too. Wanted to buy it when i saw it in Pasar Malam two weeks ago, and now, i couldn’t buy it anymore…due to the melamine…

Oh, on 27th September 2008, Sony will be launching their new product- Skinny T at Berjaya Times Square.  The launch will be like the PS3 launch but the difference is the Skinny T will be sold in price range from RM8 to RM888. So is it worth to queue for it 2 days ago, just like those queued for the PS3? Let’s go and queue! weee~

There will be a Mall Hunt too. Seems interesting…but i sure lose one ler…but the prizes are attractive, two person per team and the Grand prize would be 2 Sony Cyber Shot Skinny T and 2 Sony VAIO laptop…

More info here.

as usual..the usual me..the lazeeeeee me!

i really don’t know what to blog about le…but then..for yun…will update ler…hahaha

Finals in one month time…scary!

OH! toy poodle is sooooo sooooooo cute! but having Evo already headache d, another more will make me pengsan! scoop shit till pengsan ahha

Always show me the kelian face….
Some long-long-ago food pics.

Euro Deli, Damansara Kim

sooo cute! ehehe

loves bacon!

forgot what soup d………minestrone i think….

this is yummy yum yum!!

ordered toooooo much!!!! normal one is 3 burger but it seems lil so ordered 6 and couldn’t finish it….

Pic of that day:

6 traffic light…crazy. should take it when all turns green…some left some right, confusing!

Assignment time…hehe what a “long” update!